Install Overview

MetaLAN Server is part or the MetaLAN Systems Management Suite of software. The MetaLAN Server service periodically scans your network and stores the information it collects, for quick retrieval by MetaLAN Administrator.

The MetaLAN Server installation package includes the MetaLAN Server Service and the MetaLAN Server Management Console. The Management Console is for monitoring and configuring the MetaLAN Server Service. The Management Console can be run on any computer on the network to monitor and configure the MetaLAN Server Service.

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 Download MetaLAN Server

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Installation Steps


From version 2.6 MetaLAN Administrator and MetaLAN Sevrer are compatible within minor versions. I.E.: Administrator 2.6 requires Server 2.6 and Administrator 2.7 requires Server 2.7.

Administrator 1.9 – 2.5 is compatible with Server Version 2.5.

MetaLAN Server can be installed on Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012. Both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows are supported. The Server version of Windows is recommend due to performance limitations imposed on the client version of Windows.



Operating Systems:

  • Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012
  • Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • The Server version of Windows is recommend due to performance limitations imposed on the client version of Windows.


  • CPU : 2 or more CPU/Cores
  • RAM : 256MB Free
  • DISK : 200MB or more free space (for database)


  • Windows NT4 or later Domain
  • Service account with Administrator privileges on the target computers




New Server Installation (or server migration)


Before you start there are a few things you will need :

  1. A network account that has administrative privileges on the computers you want to scan (Usually an account in the “domain admin” group). This is the account that the MetaLAN Server Service will run in.  If you already have an account that you use for other services with the same requirements you can use that. If you are creating an account for this use you would usually set the password to not expire on this account. If the password does expire the service will stop working.
  2. A computer to run the MetaLAN Server Service on.  A server operating system is recommended. The service will reside with other server type programs without inter-dependency problems. The service does not generally have a large resource requirement. However the more client computers you have the more resources the service will require. If you have a large network, we recommend that you install and test this on a test server before you decide where it will reside permanently.


Install Steps

To install the MetaLAN Server Service you need to choose “MetaLAN Server Service and Management Console” in the “Select Components” step of the setup.  If the setup program does not detect a previous version of MetaLAN Server installed on the computer you will be offered several configuration options during the setup process.  This section will explain the meaning of each setting and its effect in the installation.  Your selections will be used to setup MetaLAN Server’s basic configuration and to calculate the best default settings for your network.

Install Options


Import Database (Migrate / Upgrade)If you would like to import a database from a previous installation of ProbeServer or MetaLAN Server, check this box. If MetaLAN Server is already installed on the computer this will happen automatically you will not see this dialog.Start service when complete

Usually you would leave this setting checked.  However, if you want to tweak the settings before starting the service, uncheck this box.  For instance, if you want to add an IP filter before the first scan takes place.  If you uncheck this box you will need to start the service manually before any data will appear in the database.


Upgrade / Migrate Server

If “Import Database (Migrate / Upgrade)” is checked you will see this dialog box next.



Import from local computer

If you want to upgrade from a version of ProbeServer installed on the local computer this option. Note: The ProbeServer service will be decommissioned automatically.Import from remote server

Check this to import the database from another computer on your network.Source Server

If the “Import from remote server” option is checked you will need to specify the name of the remote server here.Import Database

This setting is currently not configurable, the database is always imported.Decommission Source Server

If the”Import from remote server” option is checked you are given the option to decommission the remote server. If the “Import from local computer” option is checked this option is checked and cannot be unchecked.


Scan Targets



This is a list of Domains that the setup detected on the network.  Check the domains you would like MetaLAN Server to scan.  Only computers in checked domains will be scanned.Discovery Method

Active Directory (ADSI)

This is the preferred method for non NT4 networks.  Although this method has a slightly larger overhead it is more reliable.NetBIOS (WINS)

This option is quicker but unless the WINs infrastructure on your network is well configured it may result some computers not being discovered.


Network Information


Network Size

Choose the option that best describes your network sizeNetwork Type

Choose the option that is closest to the speed of the majority of your network connections.  10 Megabits/sec, 100 Megabits/sec or 1 Gigabits/sec.Includes slow WAN links

Check this box if you have some slow Wide Area Network connections.  These connections are usually less than 10Mbps and have high latency.


Service Account Details

Here you need to supply an service account for MetaLAN Server.  This account must have administrative privileges on the computers you wish to scan.  This account is often a member of the “Domain Admins” security group.  This account should also have no password expiry or it will stop working or lock the account out.  You may need your Network Administrator to supply this account.


Account Domain

The domain of the service accountAccount Name

The name of the service accountAccount Password

The domain of the service account


Task List

The Task List windows will display a list of the tasks that will be performed to install MetaLAN Server.  Click Go to install.


Install Task Results

This window shows the results of the installation tasks.  A log tab is also available for more a more detailed breakdown of the tasks performed and any errors encountered.

Upgrade from Previous Version

If you already have MetaLAN Server installed, to upgrade to a later version (on the same server), run the setup program and accept the defaults.  The program and service files will be upgraded and all your settings and data will be preserved.

If you are migrating from another server or upgrading from MetaLAN ProbeServer, you need to perform a new server installation and import the database.

Install the Management Console Only

The management console can be installed on any computer that can connect to the computer running the MetaLAN Server Service. To install only MetaLAN Server Management Console only, you need to choose “MetaLAN Server Management Console” in the “Select Components” step of the setup.  Accept defaults for all other options.



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MetaLAN Administrator 2.9.1 Released

MetaLAN Administrator 2.9.1 Released

One stop Windows Systems Management. Update to the latest version or download the free 30 day trial now.

Enhanced Features:

  • Add the ability to disable VNC via Group Policy
  • Update chassis type to include, ‘Tablet’, ‘Convertible’ and ‘Detachable’
  • Add Windows Feature Release detection to Service Pack field
  • Update the look and feel of the Health Monitor
  • Update look and feel of the Ping Monitor
  • Added ‘open’ option for file exports
  • Update the bookmarks functionality


  • No default file name or extension for some export files
  • Possible database License Accounting Type error “No License Accounting Type”
  • Renamed bookmark folder does not save
  • Filter resets of window resize
  • Filter will not apply when already selected
  • Disable recursive display of bookmarked computers
  • Browser Bookmarks could add duplicates
  • Empty bookmark folder displayed all computers
  • Exception error when Health Monitor is running, and application closed

Information | Download

MetaLAN Server 2.9.1 Released

MetaLAN Server 2.9.1 Released

One stop Windows Systems Management. Update to the latest version or download the free 30 day trial now.

Enhanced Features:

  • Added support from MetaLAN Administrator 2.9.1

MetaLAN Administrator and Server must be the same major and minor version.  Releases within minor versions are compatible.  Version numbers are formatted as major version . minor version . release . build.  For example, major version 1 minor version 2 release 3 build 4 is formatted as Version


Information | Download

MetaPing 1.7.2 Released

MetaPing 1.7.2 Released

A new version of MetaPing has been released with improved speed and a new “list mode” for monitoring more targets. MetaPing is a visual ping tool that helps you keep an eye on the health of your network. Best of all… it’s FREE! Enjoy! Compliments Hammer Software.
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