MetaLAN Administrator 2.9.1 Released

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Enhanced Features:

  • Add the ability to disable VNC via Group Policy
  • Update chassis type to include, ‘Tablet’, ‘Convertible’ and ‘Detachable’
  • Add Windows Feature Release detection to Service Pack field
  • Update the look and feel of the Health Monitor
  • Update look and feel of the Ping Monitor
  • Added ‘open’ option for file exports
  • Update the bookmarks functionality


  • No default file name or extension for some export files
  • Possible database License Accounting Type error “No License Accounting Type”
  • Renamed bookmark folder does not save
  • Filter resets of window resize
  • Filter will not apply when already selected
  • Disable recursive display of bookmarked computers
  • Browser Bookmarks could add duplicates
  • Empty bookmark folder displayed all computers
  • Exception error when Health Monitor is running, and application closed

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