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Simply Powerful by Design™


Without doubt, one of the greatest challenges faced by the Information Technology Industry is “complexity”. Complexity introduces failure points and causes delays in the implementation, maintenance and repair of infrastructure and services. Complexity increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduces agility. This is where Hammer Software’s design principle comes in. “Simply Powerful by Design” is a carefully considered methodology developed in response to the problem of complexity. It is Hammer Software’s guiding light.

The outcomes promised by our software are easily demonstrable and the cost of ownership is small in comparison to the cost savings provided. Our software is designed to add administrative flexibility to networks without increasing complexity. In fact, we aim to reduce the complexity of supporting IT systems by providing tools that are relevant, uncluttered and intuitive. In addition our software is designed to be implemented without the disruption caused by software interdependence issues. In short, our software is Simply Powerful by Design™


About Hammer Software

Hammer Software is a software development company based in Tasmania, Australia. We develop Windows based utility and network administration software aimed to reducing the complexity of supporting IT systems. We provide innovative, fast, efficient, quality software. Our customers are our most valuable asset and we are known for prompt attention to our customers needs.


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