“MetaLAN beats its competitors in price, ease of use and network data collection capabilities. It has solved so many problems for me… Thanks for all the excellent tools!”

Simply Powerful by Design™

Without doubt, one of the greatest challenges faced by the Information Technology Industry is “complexity”. Complexity introduces failure points and causes delays in the implementation, maintenance and repair of infrastructure and services. Complexity increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduces agility. This is where Hammer Software’s design principle comes in. “Simply Powerful by Design” is a carefully considered methodology developed in response to the problem of complexity. It is Hammer Software’s guiding light.


MetaLAN Systems Management

MetaLAN is a System Management Suite offering agentless management of the Windows computers on your network. MetaLAN can run in a standalone mode for small networks or with ProbeServer, a data collection service, for larger networks. License Manager is also included to allow easy license compliance tracking for the software on your network.


Mini Contract Manager

Mini Contract Manager is a flexible easy to use database application designed to take the pain out of managing multiple contracts.


MetaPing FREE Visual Ping Monitor

MetaPing is a FREE Visual Ping Monitor that makes it quick and easy to keep an eye on the health of your network.