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MetaLAN Server


MetaLAN Server is part or the MetaLAN Systems Management Suite of software. MetaLAN Server periodically scans the network and stores the collected information in a database for quick retrieval. The information can be displayed, searched and reported on using MetaLAN Administrator and License Manager. Installing MetaLAN Server greatly enhances the availability of network data and provides accurate statistics over time. MetaLAN Server does not require an additional license and is very easy to install.

Note: Previous versions of MetaLAN Server were named MetaLAN ProbeServer. The "ProbeServer" name has been discontinued and MetaLAN Server is it's replacement.




  • Hardware Inventory

    Manufacturer, model, serial number, CPU, memory, MAC address, hard disk information is collected.

  • Software Inventory

    Information about software installed on scanned nodes. Discovery date, software title, operating system and service pack information.

  • Node Status

    Last user, online status, logged on status, last contact time, IP Address, hard disk usage.

  • Statistics over time

    Statistics are collected over time enabling you to easily see how the network is changing over time. For instance a graph can be generated showing the growth of nodes running on virtual infrastructure(e.g: VMWare or Microsoft Virtual Server). Graph reporting is available for Scan Time, Total Node Count, Server Count, Virtual Nodes Count, Online Nodes, Online Servers, Nodes Logged On, Servers Logged On, Os Type Counts and more.

  • Comprehensive Logging

    All scanning events can be logged down to the debug level if required.


Quick Support

Hammer Software Knowledge base

If you are experiencing a problem with one of our products or want to know the answer to common questions and issues go here:

Information Knowledge base
Network Computers report "The RPC server is unavailable" and do not appear in MetaLAN

If this error is reported for Windows 7 (and later) computers this can be because WMI is blocked by the Advanced Firewall.

Information Allow WMI through the Firewall using Group Policy

How to manually migrate MetaLAN Server to a new server

To manually migrate the MetaLAN Server database to a new server follow the steps in this article.

Information Manually migrate MetaLAN Server to a new server

How to diagnose problems with target computers
6 May 2017

To diagnose possible problems with the target computers please read the following KB Article

Using MetaLAN in Server Mode

MetaLAN™ can run as a standalone application. However, using MetaLAN Server will reduce and distribute the network load required for data collection. MetaLAN Server offers a central location for the collection and distribution of the data collected from the computers on the network. Best of all, MetaLAN Server included free when you buy MetaLAN.

Information More Information